Daphne Shoe

$395.00 USD

This design is more of an art piece. While it is wearable with ribbons tied around the ankles, it is not suitable for day to day wear. (Sheer organza ribbons are included, but not pictured.) This design is meant mainly as an exhibition or collector's piece, or for special events. Please email hello@continuumfashion with specific questions. This can also be purchased as a single shoe, for half the price.

The design was inspired by Bernini's 'Daphne and Apollo'. The layer lines from 3d printing are fitting details for the tree-like design. 

4 inch heel with .5 inch platform. (10cm heel with 1.5cm platform.)

**Lead time is approximately 4 weeks from order date.

For half sizes, select the nearest whole size up for this style.


Timelapse of how this shoe is 3d printed: